Pilar Belmonte Useros

Born in Albacete, Spain, in 1952.


Exhibitions individuals

1971 “Sala Estudio” Albacete
1972 “Bisbal Gallery” Valencia
  “Bibliotecas Populares” Madrid
1973 “Colegio Mayor CEM” Valencia
1974 “Antiqua Ars” Albacete
  “Cueva de la Leña” Chinchilla, Albacete
1975 “Spanish Club” London
1976 “La Gioconda, Sala Nestor” Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
1977 “Sala Estudio” Albacete
1978 “Schloss Ringenberg Gallery” b. Wesel, Germany
1979 “Bastida Llibres” Ontinyent, Valencia
1980 “Palazzo Grassi” Venice, Italy
1981 “The Small Room, 80 Washington Sq. East Galleries, New York University, Nuew York
  “Hasting Gallery/The Spanish Institute” New York
1982 “Albacete Museum” Albacete
1983 “Palau Gallery” Valencia
  “Torre I” Torrente,Valencia
1984 “Aula de Cultura,Banco de Bilbao” Fulbrighters exhibition, Bilbao
1988 “Luis Adelantado Gallery” Valencia
1989 “Plastic Transposition in the Museum of Albacete” Albacete
  “Color in the landscape of Albacete” Caja de Ahorros de Valencia, Albacete
1990 “Compagnie Bancaire” París
1992 “Facultad de BBAA de Madrid” Doctoral Thesis Presentation
1993 “CAM exhibitions room” Alicante
  “Vinatea Gallery” Valencia
  “United Nations Palace” Geneva, Switzerland
1996 “La Kábala Gallery” Madrid
1997 Since this date the artist has not prepare any individual exhibition in order to be able to devote her time to stained glass projects in architectonic spaces (see section on stained glass)
2001 “Frank Stone Gallery” Minneapolis U.S.A.
2011 Exhibition “Horizontes cercanos e infinitos” Town Council Museum of Albacete.
  Exhibition-presentation of the book “SHADES OF VIOLET” and the reserch project “SEEING COLOR, A Critical Eye”. School of Design (EASD), Valencia
2013 “Autumn in Berlín-Horizonts-El Cabañal” . Olof Palme Studio, Valencia
  “Seeing Color - Learn to see color with images”. Technique School of Engineers UPV - Valencia
  “La Mancha-Nederland” . Vermeulen- Achterveld, Holland
2014 Anthological Exhibition “Claustro de Santo Domingo” Chinchilla, Albacete
2015 ”Elaboration process of the stained glass Rosette of Albacete Cathedral”. Association of Architects Castilla La Mancha, Albacete


Collectives exhibitions

1971 “Sala Estudio” Albacete
1972 “Bisbal Gallery” Valencia
  “Estil Gallery” Valencia
  “Sala Estudio” Albacete
1974 “Serrano 19 Gallery” Madrid
  “Salón de las Crónicas” City Hall of Barcelona
1975 “Círculo de Bellas Artes” Valencia
  International “Sixty one Tempra Gallery” London
1976 International “Grolla d’Oro” Venice
  International “Liricism and neo-tradition Spanish Art” Chicago
  International “Liricisme dans l’Art Contemporain” Palais de L’Europe, Le Touquet, France
  Interntcional “Grafic 76 at Sixty one Tempra Gallery” London
  “Arte-Expo 76” Barcelona
  “I Certamen de Artes Plásticas” Lanzarote, Canary Islands
1977 “Casa de la Cultura” Albacete
1978 “Recinto Ferial” Albacete
  “Museum of Albacete” On the occasion of its opening
  “Sala Estudio Christmas y poemas” Albacete
1979 “Casa de España, Portobello” with the Spanish Embassy sponsor, London
1980 “New York University” New York
1982 “II Exposición Antológica de Artistas de Albacete” Recinto Ferial, Albacete
1984 “La Cultura de Castilla La Mancha y sus raíces” Palacio de Velazquez Madrid”
1985 “Contemporary Paintings of Albacete” Círculo de Bellas Artes, Valencia
  “10 Encuentros con el arte actual” Traveling exhibition through popular universities, Regional Government of the Community Castilla La Mancha
1986 “Arte en las Aulas II” University School of Nursing, Albacete
1987 “I Exposición Regional de Artes Plásticas de Castilla La Mancha” Cuenca
1988 “II Exposición Regional de Artes Plásticas de Castilla La Mancha” Albacete
1989 “III Exposición Regional de Artes Plásticas de Castilla La Mancha” (participation as invited artist) Ciudad Real
  “Finisecular” Mislata, Valencia
1991 “Pintores de Albacete en Homenaje a Benjamín Palencia” Cultural Centre La Asunción, Albacete
1992 “Tepsa Autoría y Anonimatos” Club Diario Levante, Valencia
1993 “United Nations Palace” Gineva, Switzerland
1994 “Vinatea Gallery” Valencia
  “Fondo Gráfico” Albacete
  “International book Fair” Frankfurt, Germany
1995 “Encuentro” Ibercaja, Valencia
1998 “Reencuentro” Ibercaja, Valencia
1999 “Reencuentro, 74-99, 10 Painters from Albacete” City Hall of Albacete
2000 “Arte y Solidaridad” Medicos Mundi Albacete, City Hall de Albacete
2001 “Asociación Española contra el Cancer” Albacete
  “Das Farbige Licht” Pfarrkirchen , Alemania (International Stained glass exhibition)
2002 “Paradigma Art Gallery” Brussels, Belgium (International exhibition)
2003 “EL ARTE DE LAS VIDRIERAS Luz, Color, Espacio. (International Contemporary Stained glass exhibition) Santa María de la Valldigna Monastery, Valencia
2004 “Encuentros” Artistas Plásticos de Castilla-La Mancha. Museo de Santa Cruz, Toledo
2005 “38painters from Albacete & the Quixote 2005 “
2006 Stained glass exhibition in Erftstadt, Alemania
2007 Exhibition benefit, Upper Egipt –Palacio de Colomina, Valencia
2009 International Stained glass exhibition, Derix Glasstudios Collection, Museo de Arte en Vidrio, Alcorcón, Madrid
  Exhibition “Navajas l III Centenario Confirmación de la Feria de Albacete”, Alicante.
2010 Exhibition “Navajas III Centenario Confirmación de la Feria de Albacete”, Valencia.
  The same exhibition in Albacete, Benidorm and Requena.
2011 International Stained glass exhibition “Open doors” DERIX Glasstudios –Taunusstein, Alemania.
  Exhibition-Help Haití-“El Mediterráneo”. Círculo de Bellas Artes, Valencia.
2013 “42 Presencias”. Women artists en el patrimonio de la Diputación de Albacete.
2014 “Benjamín Palencia y la pintura de su tiempo en Albacete” Museum of Albacete.
2014 “Solidària –Artistes valencians amb el Sàhara”. Cultural Centre La Nau de la Universidad de Valencia
2015 “Solidària –Artistes valencians amb el Sàhara“. Centro sociocultural de L’Eliana


Stained Glass

Works in museums and collections

Teaching experience


The dynamics of color observation and use in everyday life has been one of the constants in the classes I’ve delivered over the last 29 years. I am of the firm conviction that designers must study color as matter, for treating color is imperative to their endeavour.

That was why when in 1985 I decided to innovate new lines of teaching, I instituted the 'Color festivals’ held at the school. In this new context, students were required to report their research on the use of color in pleasurable ways (in snacks, meals or appetizers when all that was still a novelty, long before ‘nouvelle cuisine’ grew into ubiquity). As a result, color in and of itself became a distinctive entity in the School of Design.

Understandably, then, for me the elimination of the subject ‘Color’ in the new curriculum for a degree in design is incomprehensible. I deeply regret that today’s students are being deprived of what I had gradually managed to have included in department programming under the various management teams who espoused my proposals and granted my requests.

The book VER EL COLOR  Observación Crítica /SEEING COLOR A Critical Eye is the fruit of 27 years of study and class preparation, together with students’ classroom response.

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